SHINee Website Update – Minho

on April 2, 2012

[From. Min Ho] 감사합니다! ^^

처음으로 시작과 끝을 경험했습니다^^
너무나 소중한 경험이었고 잊을 수 없는 추억이었습니다~
끝이 나니까 너무 허전하고 텅 빈 느낌이 많이 들어요~
이제 한 작품을 했을 뿐인데…….

다시 한번 선배님들과 스텝 여러분께 감사 드리고~

이제 민혁이 바이바이*^^


Title: Thank you! ^^

The first time I have experienced the beginning and the end (of something)^^
It has to be very valuable experience and unforgettable memories~
Because it comes to the end, there is suddenly empty feeling which is too painful~
Now, I have just acted in one work…….

Once again, thank you to sunbaenimdeul, staff, and everyone~

Now, Minhyukie says bye bye*^^


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